Bred By Cavalier and co-bred with Milwin Kennel


CH Milwins Bishops Kardinal X Davlin Dancing Feather


ASCA/AKC CH. Milwin Cavalier's Radiance, "Claire"

ASCA/AKC CH. Milwin Cavalier's Romance, "Winnie"

AKC CH. Milwin Cavalier Jackson, "Jackson" U-AG1, NA, NAJ, JHDS, CGC, TDI, TT

AKC & CKC CH. Milwin-Cavalier Viva Regalwin, "Vivie"

AKC CH. Milwin Cavalier Praire Rose,"Maggie"


Bred by Cavalier


CH Chasebrook Logo X CH Cavaliers Belle of Brookridge


ASCA/AKC CH. Cavalier's Born Out Back, "Bob"

ASCA/AKC/VDH CH. / Bundessieger/Europasieger
Cavalier's Big Country, "Little" ( in Germany)

ASCA/AKC CH. Cavalier's Unbridled, "Ross" 8pts CKC

ASCA/AKC CH. Cavalier's Belle of the Ball, "Sheliah"

Cavalier's Fieldwood's Dixie Belle, "Dixie" OA,OAJ,CFF I

Cavaliersydney of Tidewater


CH Paradox Propaganda X CH Cavaliers Belle of Brookridge


ASCA/AKC CH. Cavalier's Real Quiet, "Teddie"

ASCA CH. Cavalier's Quiet Time, "Brenda"

Cavalier's Quiet Riot, "Tweed"

Cavalier's Speak Up, "Tim"

Cavalier's Speak Easy, "Dash"AKC CD,NA, NAJ, OA, OAJ, AX, AXJ, ASCA RS-N, JS-N , 8 pts AKC 5ptsASCA

Cavalier's Sunday Silence, "Muffin"


CH Cavaliers Born Out Back Bob X CH Milwin Cavaliers Romance


Cavalier's Sweet Dreams, "Patsy Cline "


CH Paradox Propaganda X CH Milwin Cavaliers Radiance


ASCA CH. Cavalier's Perpetual Bliss, "Dani"

ASCA CH. Cavalier's It's Criminal, "Clint Howard"

ASCA CH. Cavalier's Subliminal, "Clemson"

Cavalier's Mystic Whirlwind, "Mac"


CH Elites Eisen On The Cake X CH Cavaliers Belle of the Ball


ASCA CH. Cavalier's Gone West, "Troy Dunn"

Cavalier's Far Out West, "Terry Dunn or TD"

Cavalier's Western Wishes, "Sugar"

Cavalier's Western Way

Cavalier's Can't Touch This


CH Terra-Blue Missoula X CH Milwin Cavalier's Radiance


Cavaliers Trifecta

Cavalier's No Regrets, "CJ"

Cavalier's Mischief

Cavaliers Just One Look

Cavalier's Jamaica St. Croix, "Jammie"


CH Cavalier's Its Criminal X CH Cavaliers Belle of the Ball


ASCA CH. Cavalier's New Emotion, "Charlsie Canty"

VDH Champion / Bundessieger Cavalier's New Day, "Kevin" (in Germany)


CH Rainydays Preston Phillips X Cavaliers Quiet Riot


Cavalier's Causin' A Ruckus

ASCA CH. Cavalier's She's a Riot, "Trixie"


CH Cavaliers Gone West X Cavaliers No Regrets

ASCA CH. Cavalier's Western Fling "Nikita"

Cavaliers "Sarita"

Cavalier's Token, "Token"

ASCA CH. Cavalier's Gone West Again, "Kyle Dunn "

Cavalier's Nelson CGC, "Nelson" (co-own)


CH Watermarks Unzippin' Keepsake X Cavaliers Sweet Dreams


Cavalier's "Sidney"

Cavalierīs Zick Zack Energie "Bob" ( in Germany)

Cavalier's High Jinks, CD NA NAJ "Jinks"

Cavalier's "Ginny"


CH Chambrays Masterhand X Cavaliers New Emotions


Cavalier's Precious Memories, "Garnet"

Cavalier's, "SheDaisy"


CH. Elites Sailing on Sunshine X Cavalier's Sweet Dreams

June 6, 2007

Cavalier's True

Cavalier's Canuck

Cavalier's Van

Cavaliers Brett Maverick

Cavalier's Smooth Sailing, "Trevor"


CH. Elites Sailing on Sunshine X CH.Cavalier's New Emotions

October 27, 2007

Cavalier's New Water, "Little Joe"


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